Ipdong: the beginning of winter

Koreans traditionally divide the year into 24 seasons. Yesterday was the beginning of Ipdong, the first of the six winter seasons.  The climate on Jeju is milder than mainland Korea, due to its southerly latitude and warm ocean currents, but Mount Halla, at almost 2000 metres above sea level, usually has snow lying for at least three months of the year.  Last Monday it received its first snowfall of the season, a full fortnight earlier than last year.October - November 2014 Olle 19, Granny and Dorothy 301 October - November 2014 Olle 19, Granny and Dorothy 288

Even at sea-level, I was pretty cold by the time the closing concert of the Jeju Olle Walking Festival started at 5pm yesterday evening.  I had walked almost 20km in the rain, along with several hundred others, stopping for octopus porridge for lunch and buckwheat pancakes filled with radish for tea, and entertainment of all kinds: a traditional Silla dynasty wedding ceremony, yoga, children’s choirs, and a ballad about the loss of life in the 4.3 Jeju massacres.October - November 2014 Olle 19, Granny and Dorothy 299

October - November 2014 Olle 19, Granny and Dorothy 285Fortunately the sun came out again to   day and I cycled to the coast with only a thin fleece to protect me from the wind.


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3 responses to “Ipdong: the beginning of winter”

  1. Hedwigia says :

    Reblogged this on Slow and steady and commented:
    Octopus porridge for lunch anyone? Bonfire Night fireworks were good here last night, with mulled wine, but this blog from my friend living in South Korea is perhaps a bit more unusual. 🙂

  2. Hedwigia says :

    Fascinating – so much so, that I have done my first ever ‘reblog’.

  3. Anne Dicks says :

    Yes I wondered about octopus porridge …

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